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Anyone who breaks wind, either accidently or intentionally, e.g. for competitive purposes.
Shortly after a meal of sauerkraut, beans and beer, I turn into a real windbreaker
by Crappy Chris March 26, 2010
When a proto-fart gets sucked back up through the digestive track eventually exiting the mouth as a belch while tasting and smelling like shit.
"Gaviscon® is the brand most recommended by doctors to combat rectal reflux"
by Crappy Chris March 26, 2010
A particularly powerful pussy fart that causes the vag owner either pain, arousal or embarrassment in the extreme.
I let go a pussy fart after Jim fucked me and I had an Vag blaster orgasm better than he's given me!
by Crappy Chris March 26, 2010
A fancy name for a washroom. Use when trying to impress a date with high-falutin language. You are also allowed to shit there
by the way.
"Excuse me, dear, I have to go have a piss in the uratorium."
by Crappy Chris March 25, 2010
The head of an uncircumcised, usually erect, human penis, so named due to the similiarity in shape with a Budgerigar (parakeet)
Man, I gotta remember to wear underwear, my bald budgie is chaffed and raw from the rubbing!
by Crappy Chris March 03, 2010
A legendary, but definitely not imaginary, elf who leaves dumps for good little children who believe
I reached into my underpants and Uncle Dumpling left me a surprise!!
by Crappy Chris February 27, 2010
My wife's 'gina
Sweet Jesus I work two jobs and she watches soap operas all day, I still don't get into her hell hole
by crappy Chris March 13, 2011
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