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Someone who professes to be a non meat eater and fesses up to gobbling (no pun) turkey or chicken etc.Also very keen on fish .....and pork is ok.
"For goodness sake take that rabbit food away I am a vaguetarian now't to stop me having some of your Chickenburger".
by cpRtech June 19, 2007
Pulsatile erection sheathed in a condom pre-final destination.
After fumbling in the dark Mandy turned on the light and gasped with delight at the size of Wayne's throbbin hood.
by cpRtech June 20, 2007
Kind of porn designed for instant results(no frills but plenty of spills)when time is of the essence. No stories,not seductive disrobing just straight into it.
James was pleased to see the display of spankography at the Sperm Donors clinic.He knew not only would his balls be lighter but his pockets would be bulging.
by cpRtech June 20, 2007
A book to look up crappy words to "impress" others who are unable to use websites before writing emails.
Browsing my faecalsaurus this morning I found reference to sum up your grasp of the world.Ergo my point is you clearly mistake your anus for your olecranon.
by cpRtech June 14, 2007
Ancient structures that were once used to treat sick people.Now inhabited by administrators and clerical staff.
Johns operation was carried out an insurance companies treatment centre some 400 miles away. I was a shame as he lived 12 miles away from a Waspital in Central London.
by cpRtech June 15, 2007
Artificial bacon for vegetarians made from corn fed pigs or something.

Consistency of an old school tie when cooked.For best results fry lightly in animal fat ;-)
As Hilary tucked into her facon and egg muffin she explained that fish didn't really count as they dont have fur and yes that proves she was a vegetarian.
by cpRtech June 19, 2007
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