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2 definitions by cowgirl007

A term used to identify or describe a person who has gone beyond the impossible to save your ass, or the ass of others, generally non-deserving folk(s) or at a minimum the situation was so bad that a complete hat trick was never in the cards. Named specifically for Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberger, the pilot who successfully and without any outward signs of stress landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River in January 2009, saving the lives all crew and passengers aboard. Not just anyone can be a Sully, however: designating or describing someone as a "Sully" requires that they not just perform (for all practical purposes) a sincere "no problem, thats my job," or "its ok, that's what I'm trained for" just another day at the office type of miracle, but thereafter must maintain the fundamental poise and character of the real Sully, a man who not only shunned the spotlight but submitted a request to his local library that they consider waiving the late fees on the book he was carrying on that US Airways flight, (which of course ended up at the bottom of the Hudson) -- on the subject of (no surprise) professional ethics.
There is no way we can tell our investors that this whole fund has been one giant fraud, any chance we can find a Sully?

OMG, it was such a clusterfuck there was no way I could fix it before the client showed up ~ if Bob hadn't been my Sully I don't know what would've happened.

by cowgirl007 February 17, 2009
A Denny Crane- like phenomenon in which a man tries to disingenuously cop a boob feel by putting his arm around a woman's shoulders, then inadvertently letting his hand drop below the shoulder and the arm, as a result getting a nice handful of tit "by accident", allowing the victim to rationalize the boob squeeze as an honest mistake, probably hers. Generally occurs in the workplace and is used most commonly and successfully by white men over 50.
Yeah, Dave thanked me for closing the deal and then gave me the sideways hug.

Oh yeah, once you make partner you'll for sure get the sideways hug, its just Dave's way of saying congratulations.
by cowgirl007 February 15, 2009