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(n). A person who lives decked out in Prada-wear. If they are teenaged, they may be referred to as a "child pradagy."
She was clearly a pradagy, even things that Prada doesn't make had the logo.
by Count Zero April 24, 2005
When your balls are uncomfortable
This chair makes me uncomfortaballs
by count zero March 03, 2012
Humanoid Butt-Plug (n). A person who either stops dead or moves at near-tectonic speeds through the only way into or out of a place that you need to get into or out of fast.
"Damn man, that tourist turned into an HBP when he couldn't figure out how to use his metro card to work in the only working turnstile. I must have missed four trains."
by Count Zero April 24, 2005
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