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3 definitions by couch potat

formerly was the number #1 cause of semen related death but is now at the butt end of most thumb related jokes
(in theatre) three years ago when megan fox comes up on screen: Daaaaaamn!

(in theatre) now, when megan fox comes up on screen: HAHA! LOOK AT THE FREAK'S THUMBS!
by couch potat April 05, 2010
where dreams go to die and where temporary legends are born
ever hear of ruben studdard, fantasia burrinno, taylor hicks, or david cook. all are past winners of american idol
by couch potat April 02, 2010
a place your mommy and daddy leave you when they are busy.
karate is a camoflauged daycare center
by couch potat April 11, 2010