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When you and 5 or more friends hire an elderly (must be 70 and older) prostitute with cane. As ritual in Arkansas the youngest male of the group must shove the handle end of the cane inside the vagina of the prostitute. If done correctly the prostitute will have a third "leg" which will assist her in walking. Also known as an AWC
*2 guys in a car*
Guy 1:Check out that prostitute!
Guy 2:Woah you see that cane! She's an Arkansas Walking Crip!
Guy 1:See knows her way around the block with a few guys.
Guy 1:She definitely got AIDS.
by cotajmahal August 28, 2012
When someone hosts a large party of men of latin descent (preferably 10 or more) and have all of them ejaculate inside a jar. This jar can be used for the house party. The guests are then treated with drinks from said jar.
Guy 1:Hey man what's in this beer it tastes digusting!
Guy 2:It's semen....
Guy 1:That's so gross!!!
Guy 2:Well you came to a Dirty Ricardo Houseparty.
Guy1:I guess your right.(continues drinking beer)
by cotajmahal August 28, 2012
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