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7 definitions by corvus brachyrhynchos

a cigarette, commonly made in indonesia, that emits a pleasant and sweet smelling odor. commonly smoked for it's taste and it's use as an ice breaker at parties/social gatherings. contrary to popular misconception, they do not contain fiberglass. the oil leeched from the ground cloves causes staining of the cigarette paper and frequently causes a crackling sound as its heated while the cigarette is smoked.
hey, is that a clove you're smoking?
by corvus brachyrhynchos July 25, 2003
280 79
The only company besides Apple that ever made a decent computer you could buy in a retail store. Now relegated to online sales due to the influx of cheaply made, cheaply priced machines in the retail sector.
I tried to buy an IBM at Best Buy, but the guy sold me an eMachines instead.
by corvus brachyrhynchos July 25, 2003
199 101
A massively oversized motorized vehicle that frequently blocks your view into traffic. Dangerous when parked, especially dangerous when in motion.
I'd pull out of the driveway but that SUV is blocking my view.
by corvus brachyrhynchos July 25, 2003
64 20
adj.: drunk, high, inebriated
i just finished off a twelve pack and i am hella tore back.
by corvus brachyrhynchos July 25, 2003
36 9
extraordinarily hot, usually in referring to a particular place or area.
it's hell's heater in that room, man.

i went to visit my parents, it's hell's heater out there!
by corvus brachyrhynchos July 26, 2003
11 0
A now defunct file sharing system. Audiogalaxy was somewhat unique in that the user did not download a entire program to transfer files, but rather a small program called the "Satellite." Users went to the Audiogalaxy website and added files they wished to download by clicking on links. The requests were transferred to the "Satellite" for downloading at the earliest possible time. Transfers to and from users were anonymous, and the "Satellite" used very little memory and system resources. It became popular to let the "Satellite" run all night in hopes of getting those rare files that only a few people had.
I downloaded some pretty good stuff off of Audiogalaxy last week, then today I went and bought the CDs.
by corvus brachyrhynchos July 25, 2003
14 3
n.: a person who exercises their right to free speech, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. frequently loud and attention getting, as opposed to those that choose to sit idly by at home.
the antiwar protestors staged a demonstration in front of city hall.
by corvus brachyrhynchos July 25, 2003
27 19