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Icornhole is a show from the year 2021. The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future entered a time warp and brought back pirated optical storage copies of season 1. The theme of the show is about the future of the web show iCarly. The show ends up turning into a live webcam show were freddy pounds carly and sam in the ass and sometimes spencer and nevel join in(nevel usually goes for freddy though). Carly usually goes STA(Straight to Anal) and then sam blows freddy afterwards(Shit dick and all). They have been known to do dvda and creamed cornholes(cum farts).
Some black guy: Yo nigga did you catch that bootleg icornhole over at da piratebay? I bet those bitches cump all the time.

Samual L Jackson: Ya Motherfucka! Freddy tore those bitches asses up. Those bitches ain't gonna walk straight for weeks! Royal with cheese motherfucka!
by cornchuck18 June 04, 2009
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