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A woman your father impregnated who happens to be both your aunt and mother. The looped branch of the family tree.
One session changes family structure and status. Too many new titles starting with two people, aunt mother and uncle father.
Nine months before you were born, your aunt mother and uncle father hooked up at a family reunion. things happened - you got a mother, uncles, father, aunts,great aunts, great uncles, grand Oh fuck! it gets confusing but you get the point.
by cormonza1@aol.com May 14, 2009
A highly offesive term used to describe your lesbian sister who hooks up with all the hot chicks you were trying slam. This is not your favorite sibling. Fucks with one's pride.
You think that the hot bicurious chick at the party would be a fun hook-up. Then your aggressive faggot sister intercepts and fucks it up for you.
by cormonza1@aol.com May 14, 2009
Man farts. Farting perpetually. Usually proppeled by eggs, chili, beans, corn, apples, cheese, garlic, onions, and beer. A lot of beer! Smells real healthy.
Principal Mortimer's man breathing set off the smoke alarms in the gym by the end of the hour long assembly.
by cormonza1@aol.com May 14, 2009

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