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another name for a drama production
into the woods is an awsome play
by corie June 20, 2004
1.He thinks he can twice
2.He thinks your name is Wonder Mike
3.He's the Captain of the Gravy crew
4.He's got his best foot flowered
5.He thinks a pumpkin is an eggplant with a spoon taped to it.
6.He's the Ghost of Christmas Past
7.He's a song from the sixties
8.He doesn't fake the funk on a nasty dunk
9.Don't look now! He's just a friendly reminder
10.He thinks he won the PowerBall
11.You sunk his Jenga-Ship
12.He lost his Jenga-Jam
13.He thinks Bubs name is Tubbs
14. He calls Strong Bad "Reggie"
15. He thinks Strong Sad is a rhinocerous
16.He's the original ladies man
17.His favorite Halloween treat is a wrench
18. He's a million ladies tall
19.He was raised by a cup of coffee
20.He's the pride of the peaches
21. Anything beats braking up with him
22. he only cries on the inside
by Corie August 25, 2003
a play about fairy tale characters wanting their wish to come true and in the end they get it
cinderella went into the woods to get her wish.
by Corie June 16, 2004
A girl who is Obsessed wih musicals. loves to sing and dance.
who can that be singing and dancing to that musical. Oh no it can only be corie
by Corie June 16, 2004
The most awsome baseball team in new york. Every one just hates them because they are really good and they can kick any body's ass if they wanted to. So stop fucking complaining
The yankees are the best team in new york
by Corie April 30, 2005
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