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When in doubt as to whether or not someone is able to get over themselves and whatever disagreement they may have had in the past with another, the question is often posed. Cool people just respond, "sure, we're cool." However, those with multiple personality disorders, depression, english majors or other mental issue will typically respond with a tirade as to why they find you despicable and how they'll never get over the pain they think you caused them.
Hey, dude, "We cool?"

yeah, man. we cool.
by copyright2011 July 13, 2010
A cyber meeting place for geeks who spend endless hours in front of their computers and invite similar minded people to join them at their virtual table where they chat about inane topics.
OMG, I ust got invited to the join Da Cool Kidz Table. After all the time I've spent zoing, it's about time. I finally earned my virtual wings.
by copyright2011 July 16, 2010
Sex in the tub, and it's good and fast with a nice wake.
Nothing like a good motor boat, just be prepared to clean up the water on the floor as the wake can created a bit of a mess.
by copyright2011 December 15, 2010

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