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n., the greasy smear left behind on a bus window by the hair product of a passenger who rested his or her head against that window (derived from 'Brylcream')
I'd take a window seat except for that nasty bus bryl.
by copyedit October 07, 2006
the feeling a person has for someone he or she once loved but now does not (russian)

from Howard Rheingold's
"They Have A Name For It"
"Thinking about your ex?"
"Yeah, I'm feeling a bit razldiuto"
by copyedit February 11, 2005
n., 1. the erroneous belief that competition and a profit motive will bring about a stateless and/or non-hierarchical world. 2. an oxymoron with an emphasis on moron.
I know things are not perfect under capitalism, but just wait! Capitalism will inevitably usher in a world of anarchocapitalism where social darwinism will be balanced out by market forces!
by copyedit October 08, 2006
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