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When one is sitting, usually while driving, one would place your phone on vibrate. Once the phone is on vibrate one would place it between his or her legs in the (chode) area. Once somebody calls, the subject would receive a suprsing, kinda good feeling, ringer.
Guy 1: dude, i heard you were in an accident.
Guy 2: yeah man, it sucked.
Guy 1: what happened man?
Guy 2: well i was driving, and my mom called, and she gave me a chode-dinger.
Guy 1: Oh. well that happens.
by conman08 July 13, 2006
definition #2. When a male inserts his testicles into hopefully a females mouth and she swishes them around, preferrebly with a bubbly sound.
She sucked at giving head so i told her to just give me a ballcuzzi instead.
by conman08 June 29, 2006
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