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10 definitions by concierge

The Pennsylvania, Ohio, or West Virginia term for a chipmunk.
That damned grinny keeps getting into my attic!
by Concierge March 26, 2005
Mouth, throat, and stomache area, especially when you are furiously shoving food down it.
Look at the rate he is cramming that pizza down his gullet.
by Concierge March 26, 2005
The ridiculous and hillarious northern Pennsylvania term for a ground hog.
Thank goodness that whistle pig that was digging up my yard became road kill.
by Concierge March 26, 2005
When it goes from "you're so funny and crazy" crazy to "dude, if you don't stop I'm callin the cops" crazy. Another invention of my brother, TZ.
That lady kept yelling, and yelling. When she got near the chainsaw, I knew she was circus freak crazy.
by Concierge March 27, 2005
The bits off food that are left over in your dishes when you are camping that you just can't get out because of your lack of proper cleaning supplies.
When I unpacked our dishes this morning for breakfast, there was still charlock in them from last nights dinnner.
by Concierge March 27, 2005
The little bits of tree and earth matter that fall into your food or water when you are camping.
I was totally ready to get a drink when that big wind blew all these forest grits into my Nalgene.
by Concierge March 27, 2005
A step beyond crazy but not as far as circus freak crazy. Like when someone has passed the point of being funny, but your not quite scared of them yet. Yet another invention of the infamous TZ.
That guy said he likes scraple. That's extra strength crazy.
by Concierge March 27, 2005