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Canadian rapper Maestro can be credited with coining the term although now popular amongst various rappers such as the Ying Yang twins.

After pulling a prank in a public washroom which involved leaving an unsightly item in a urnial, Maestro passed a local patron, patted him on the back and said "Its all yours, Billy Ocean"

-Billy Ocean is the Canadian equivilant of Nah Mean or Nam Sayin

-Can also be used to sum up a situation, moment, mood or feeling
-In place of nah mean:"Yo, the washroom is all you, Billy Ocean."

-As a description: "That cat had me straight vexed like Billy Ocean"

-As A Question: "How was the party? Billy Ocean?"

-As An Answer: "It was so Billy Ocean"
by Concerned Citizen June 22, 2004
See British.
I'm going to go shoot that crumpet eating fuck because he has his way with little kids.
by Concerned Citizen August 26, 2003
A very lethargic being that lacks the motivation to move and live. These slow moving organisms remains lifeless most of their days in a coma like stage except during times of feeding and asexual acts. Such a beast often has poor hygiene and is quite un-kept. The lack-luster look of the animal in question gives it the appearance of shit. Failure of possessing personality and charm prevents it from breeding, hence the need for rampant foul sexual on itself. The ability to comprehend simple commands is nullified due to the brain conserving its resources for respiratory purposes.
After a night of drinking...
"Man, I feel like gruba this morning!"
by Concerned Citizen April 15, 2005
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