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Another word for saying, Yea-rite!
My penis is big, Aha!
by Con December 14, 2003
The female reproductory organ, or vagina.
used in the movie Elizabeth.
by Con May 19, 2003
See bleeding heart liberal. Someone who thinks they are helping society by championing oppressed minority groups, when in fact they are ruining society and crippling free speech.
Get a job, you stupid woman!
by con July 14, 2004
A term used by stoners to let the group know that the joint/bowl is finished. It has also been adapted towards the stoners life style; 2. to be tired
Dude! the bowl is pooched
I am so pooched
by Con August 03, 2004
a geek with too much time on his hands
Ron is a frogal on the summer months.
by con July 16, 2004
One who enjoys taking a road cone, and simulating copulation by inserting it into another road cone held by their friend between their legs (this can be at the front or back).
God, I'm sooooo coney. Thrust your orange and white throbber into my cone.
by Con May 09, 2003
Taming the one eyed ogre, One hand Solo, Going Commando, Shaking hands with mister happy, Tuning the fork, Playing the ace,
Mark liks to masturbate to pictures of jesse
by Con May 26, 2003
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