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31 definitions by commandodude

Used in Online Gaming especially any kind of FPS. Specifically, a taunt, designed to incite rage. Mostly for lulz.

A form of gaming trolling with the intent to anger another player into behaving childishly. Esp. with the intent to get them to Ragequit.
N00bx69: omfg god! ufggt! dude fcking totaly haks! wtf u lagging peice of shit! u so chep u damn noob id fucking pwn u if u wernt fckin cheating!

Yourmom: umad?

N00bx69: fuck u fggt!

N00bx69 has disconnected

Yourmom: hemad
by CommandoDude September 26, 2010
Viewership of the progressive Internet talk show TYT otherwise known as The Young Turks. Hosted by Cenk Uygur. Referred to as the 'TYT Army' for their ability to organize support for the TYT program and spread the message of TYT. Which is how TYT has become television newsworthy, hosting segments on MSNBC on nothing but word of mouth.
"They can't handle it. They're too strong. It's the TYT Army. And they're coming man...They're coming!"

TYT Army is going to release the motherfucking Kraken
by CommandoDude August 25, 2010
ZXCV is the underacknowledged crack child of QWERTY and ASDF
Many do not know of ZXCV and its' awsome internet prowess.
by CommandoDude August 08, 2008
Paranoid, angry, or attention seeking wannabe college dropouts who think that by looking at shoddy footage of controversial events and mincing the words of eye witnesses they can piece together their own, delusional version of "The truth" about what REALLY happened that day.

Tin foil hats may or may not be worn.
Everybody should listen to Conspiracy Theorists, they know "The truth" because they haven't been bought out by 'The Man' like those silly scientists. What do they know, what with their PhDs? And their testing? And their research? They obviously don't know shit about what REALLY happened. Just look at this video of the event, see that plane? IT'S A MISSILE.
by CommandoDude August 03, 2010
Game Term. Refers to a class of vehicle or sometimes a unit that has very high attack strength and sometimes long range but generally poor defense and low health as a result.

The general strategy for them is to either destroy the enemy before being attacked or hides behind other, stronger ally units.
The artillery unit in that game is great. But it's a Glass Cannon, I only use it for defense.
by CommandoDude May 06, 2010
The ultimate mindscrew.
I give up! Quantum Physics is just too hard! How do people even come up with this stuff?!

What the hell is reality???!!!
by CommandoDude August 05, 2010
Always a young teenage women, a rabid fangirl will devote themselves to a particular brand, or subject and became mentally detached from the real world for it.

Rabid fangirls will fanatically defend said affection and religiously persecute anyone at the end, or middle of the spectrum between their affection and the "considered" opposite.

To be labeled a rabid fangirl means that you, or the labeled party, is fanatical in their complete obsession.
Ex: A Rabid yaoi fangirl, who will fanatically worship anything yaoi and/or slash related, no matter how utterly rediculous it is. They will without exception attack those who like straight or Yuri pairings, or attempt to reason against certain yaoi with reason (ex; explain why Itachi and Sasuke will never be a pairing) and rediculously persecute those who do not follow their Yaoi scripture.

You do not want to be a rabid fangirl
by CommandoDude March 23, 2008