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Great song by Kid Cudi
Dude, I was blazed out of my mind and listening to the pursuit of happiness.
by combineelite October 18, 2010
Horrible sitcom made for 'intelligent' people, but really, you only need a high school diploma to understand the jokes.

People who read xkcd and think they're clever for understanding it will love this.

Has the worst laughtrack imaginable.
Sheldon: My new computer comes with Windows 7.
Audience: Laughs so hard that they cough up blood.
Sheldon: Windows 7 is much more user friendly than Windows Vista.
Audience: National reserves are called in to contain the sheer amount of laughter.
Sheldon : I don't like that.
Audience: 6 are pronounced dead by suffocating themselves with laughter.

A real sketch from the big bang theory. The clip is on youtube.
by combineelite November 28, 2010
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