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When finishing a knitting project, there are ends of yarn that stick out. "Knitpicking" is the act of removing these ends of yarn.

Knitpicking is given this name because it is tedious and time-consuming, and is something many knitters hate.
Knitpicking is done by taking a needlepoint needle or similar and running the excess yarn under the inside of the garment several times, then cutting off the excess.
by colorknit January 26, 2010
Knitting a garment or similar item using many different strands of yarn in a disorganized fashion.

Also known as "ICU knitting."
Intensive care knitting is named as such because the yarns frequently get tangled together and require frequent untangling. The end up very much like the many tubes of an intensive care patient.
by colorknit January 26, 2010

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