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A game that came out in Japan which had the player control a half naked or full naked girl around the a beach. The game had lots of outfits that were semi naked or full. I have given this game a 6/10 there could have been more girls to chose from.
"Sexy beach is the hottest game yet"
by colonel crackers August 27, 2006
a slang way of saying what is up
WAZZZ UP brother hav't seen you in a long time
by colonel crackers September 03, 2006
There Better Be Boobs- away of saying to a friend if he or she invites you to a movie you have not heard of
fred: hey wont to see Grandma's boy?

frank: tbbb

fred: of coures

frank: :)
by colonel crackers August 22, 2006
A predend game title in the movie Grandma's Boy (2006)
gay robot its so gay
by colonel crackers August 28, 2006
when a man sticks his dick between a girls tites and humps wildly untill seaman comes out on the girls face
"I was tite fucking this girl and her dog came in a liked my balls "
by colonel crackers August 21, 2006
the same thing as a tite fuck type in tite fucking for the real defintion
" milkmaids delight brings joy to millions"
by colonel crackers August 22, 2006
To have sex with or on a counter or table or surface area
" my dick hurts from counter fuck"
by colonel crackers August 21, 2006

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