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A fine, thick light skinned girl.
"imma get me some red bones 2nite."
by COLLEEN March 25, 2005
313 is the area code for Detroit, and is how most people from Detroit refer to it. Anything outside of 313 like an 810 area code is usually made fun of, because it is a rich suburb area. 313 is often used by wanna-be ghetto bitches in the 810. The term 313 is most commonly known because they refer to it many times in the 8 mile movie.
I represent the 313 bitch, what now you wanna fuck with me?
by Colleen April 13, 2005
Females notorious for going to parties and macking it with three or more guys, when they're not macking it they are usually seen either dancing on the table or playing strip poker, these females travel in groups of two or more
"Oh my God! you guys are such party sluts!"
"Geez, I wish I didn't have a boyfriend so I could be a party slut too!"
by Colleen September 08, 2004
describes something negative. derived from the children's book series "the berenstein bears", one of the books was called "bad news bears." mostly used by hipsters and anyone who grew up reading those books.
"it's raining out today, that's bad news bears"
by Colleen June 13, 2004
A yawn, a piss and a good look around.
In other words, I had no breakfast.
I had a dingo's breakfast this morning.
by Colleen May 09, 2003
These egg shaped Easter chocolates with a hard, pastel candy shell are far superior to any other Easter candy. These are not creme filled, like Cadbury's more famous Eggs, but are solid milk chocolate. These once-a-year treats don't receive the attention that they deserve.
Small, egg shaped chocolates with pastel candy shells, sold in a purple bag. Available only at Easter.
by Colleen March 06, 2005
In close association with macking, recieving/performing sexual acts, usually only referred to when drunk or at a party, or the day after.
"There with be lots of mackage going on tonight"

"Was there any mackage?"
by Colleen September 08, 2004
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