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Bum Fungus is a fungal infection of the outer colon.
Bum Fungus is usually found in the holes of Pregnant women, Acrobats and people named Robert.
by colin worth June 23, 2007
Slang for cock or willy
Jason - How did it go last night then?

Colin - All good mate, poked my Fanny Spanner right in her Cock Socket

Jason - Touch!

Colin - yes
by colin worth June 23, 2007
Whoopla (woo - pla)
Originaly a german term about boating, but now commonly used in most social circles.
Colin - Lets form a status quo tribute band

Blair - Good idea, how do you feel about the name 'Status Whoopla'?

Colin -That's very nice.... smell my groin?
by colin worth June 23, 2007

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