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Supreme ruler of project rockstar
Creator of life, A Rockstar life.
All hail the codemonkey, and everything before him
by colin miles February 21, 2004
Entrusted person, given responsibilities by the codemonkey
Also see responsible, mature and smite

All deserving in their own rights!
Admins are the police of Project Rockstar. Just nicer and fairer!
by colin miles February 24, 2004
Master of the Whip.
"Lovely" personified
Dont mess with Cul, she'll hur you! in a nice way!
by colin miles February 17, 2004
Trans-gender warrior princess
that zeden has nice knockers and a big shlong!
by colin miles December 07, 2003
dirty whore
look at all those chimps

"chimps have big testicles so they can have loads of sex. a chimp is a whore"
by colin miles December 07, 2003
The Polished Perplexing Peregrinous Potty Pixelmonkey

Queen Smilie Creator

My Favourite Stalkee
I am the Monkey, I can go anywhere!
by colin miles February 17, 2004

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