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Comes from "real" and "literally." Invented to compensate for the dramatic over- and mis-usage of the word "literally." What people now say as literal will usually not actually be literal, so the word "reliteral," or "reliterally," was invented to actually mean literally, and present no confusion as to whether the statement is actually literal or not.
"I swear, I literally have like four million cats." (misuse of "literally")
"I reliterally have seven cats. I can name them if you want me to." (correct!)

"Oh my god, I will like, literally have ADD if you don't stop talking." (misuse)
"I reliterally have ADD, I just found out from the doctor today." (correct!)
by coleProtocol January 15, 2006
Also "hop up." Used when referring to airsoft guns. It is best described as the backwards spin that the gun is designed to put on the bullet, making the bullet spin the wind below it during "flight" so that it doesn't descend as fast. A lot of airsoft guns have too much hopup, so the bullets might travel upwards at times.
Crap, this gun sucks. It has too much hopup.
Sweet, that gun has just the right amount of hopup to shoot straight.
by coleProtocol May 04, 2005
The kind of anger you get when you're mad at something that, when thought out, is nothing to be mad at at all. Usually caused by lack of sleep or previous anger that day.
Ray was furious at Troy because Ray came downstairs to read, and Troy had the TV on, which was very distracting. (Ray has false anger and not regular anger because he came to the room with the TV on already, and he could have gone anywhere else to read.)
by coleProtocol October 29, 2005
To see something, and have it in your brain, but not completely registered yet...hard to explain if you haven't had it happen to you. Often people who have had it happen to them try to explain it to others with the phrase "Well I knew it, but I didn't KNOW it." The word refers to the period between knowing it and...KNOWING it.
Bob: "I saw that there was no soap in the shower before I got in, but it wasn't until after I was taking a shower that I realized 'CRAP! There's no soap in here!'"
Joe: "Haha, man! You knew it point five!"
Bob: "Yeah, yeah, 'know point five...'"
by coleProtocol September 08, 2005
Not cool; stupid. Commonly used to describe objects, ideas or rules, but not people. Originated in the bay area of California.
Dude, that's so narker!
That class is the narkiest class EVA.
by coleProtocol May 04, 2005
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