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Choir practice. Any type of singing exercise for a Christian church.
I'd sing for you right now but my throat hurts from all the vocal hymnastics.
by coffeebot February 20, 2008
The male equivalent of the vajayjay. Male genitalia, or penis.
It's gonna take one ginormous panaynay to cap Kournikova's vajayjay.
by coffeebot February 09, 2008
A robot dedicated to brewing and/or drinking coffee. See also urn; drip coffee maker; percolator.
Hey, coffeebot, I'll take a regular house brew.
by coffeebot February 20, 2008
The descriptive that brings attention to the large number of Americans which are of mixed descent. Deflates the notion that a single ethnic origin can adequately define any of us. I coined this word in 9/27/05 at engrish.com
"My son's Dad was black and his Mom was Swedish. He's a Halfrican American."
by coffeebot January 25, 2007
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