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a epidemic for the fashion industry..
a bag that people buy to look rich and look fab...
unfortunately people will always think it's a fake
Genna: Holy shit that louis vuitton bag is a real!
Libby: Shut up...omg that bag is a fake..huh..priscilla would never get that
by cocoachicken October 19, 2007
a small town where the uptown side is upper middle class and Castle Hill is the poor side

meth is a large problem in this town..

at night emo teens lurk around the skate park...
port townsend is a place where poverty is next to rich and wealthy estate old folk..
by cocoachicken October 19, 2007
a town where drugs are a huge issue..

a town where a mansion is next to a trailer..

A pt boy where's football uniform's and AE
A pt girl where's Abercrombie, Juicy, Louis, and pin'
s up hair.

Carry: Sally moved to port townsend!
Felicia: Fuck she must live uptown since her dad is a lawyer..o my godzzzzzzzzz!!!
by cocoachicken October 20, 2007
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