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1 definition by cmodel

Pronoun: Fran -- name given to those who share both an artistic and vibrant personality, coupled with a deep-seeded Italian fire. Fran(s) tend to be very passionate about the things they do, quickly and readily putting full heart and soul into every action. The typical Fran upholds standards of beauty expressive not just externally, but also intrinsic in nature. The best thing about any Fran is they are keen on checks-and-balances. Always looking to entertain impish personalities, while providing a swift kick in the ass when needed.
"So, charles went out just looking for sex again"
Fran: "Oh, that boy's gonna hear from me"
---Meets Charles---
Fran:""So what the hell are you thinking?! I mean this with love, stop being a jackass because you know it's wrong."
by cmodel February 09, 2010