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Nigger spelled backwards; used to in the presence black people to avoid having one's ass beaten to a bloody pulp.
Person 1: "Damn nig..."
Person 2: "Quiet you! Not in front of the Reggins."
by cmdrmonkey May 07, 2005
The epitome of dumb, shallow, and contrived MTV crap.
-Caught lip-synching on SNL
-Got a record deal purely because of her sister
-Has no talent whatsoever. All the synthesizers in the world can't make her screechy, godawful voice sound good.
-Dyed her hair black to try to distinguish herself from her sister, not even remotely attractive to begin with
-Dreadful MTV reality show
-Has some sort of contrived emo/punk thing going on in the background of her videos, about as hardcore or punk as Avril Lavigne
-Songs are written for her, probably with the help of focus groups, complete with bubble gum teen angst lyrics
The sad part is that there are people who actually CAN sing and write good lyrics who will never have the kind of opportunity that has been wasted on her worthless, talentless ass.
by cmdrmonkey February 20, 2005
The termination of a pregnancy. Abortion, at the very least, needs to be left open as an option in cases of rape (so as not to further victimize the woman by forcing her to carry the child of her assailant), incest, and when the mother's life is in danger (as in an ectopic or tubal pregnancy, which will kill the mother if carried to term). Dangerous "back alley" abortions would also result if abortion were banned completely. An interesting contradiction in terms is that supposed "pro-lifers" also tend to be in favor of the death penalty, and have a real bad habit of shooting doctors and blowing up abortion clinics. It's also very difficult to decide exactly when life begins. By Pro-lifer logic, masturbation would probably also be considered murder, as sperm are technically alive and somewhat human (haploid). What they don't seem to understand is that there's a difference between something that is merely "human" and a full-blown, sentient "person." Admittedly, abortion is despicable when used merely as an alternative form of birth control (instead of the pill or a condom), but it's a woman's right protected under the law.
Diana opted to have an abortion, rather than carry her pregnancy to term.
by cmdrmonkey December 23, 2004
In Mexico, they tell stories of a legendary bandit known as Zorrero...

A bandit who steals your TV, pawns it, and leaves a steaming pile of his own feces in its place in the shape of a "Z"

"Where's my 36" High Definition Wega? Oh my god what's that smell? sees carefully placed fecal material in shape of Z Damn you Zorrerooooooo! Shakes fist in anger"
by cmdrmonkey February 17, 2005
A legend in his own mind...
by cmdrmonkey September 05, 2003
A soap opera for repressed homosexual rednecks. Consists of overweight men in tight spandex with huge bulges role-playing, trying to 'wrestle' each other, and getting all melodramatic. Yeah thats not blatantly gay...
by cmdrmonkey September 05, 2003
A popular humor site that's mildly amusing at times, but is more often either retarded and incomprehensible or just tastless, callous, and mean-spirited.
The SA "goons" were recently suicide baiting a depressed guy who threatened to kill himself in his livejournal by posting hundreds of nasty comments begging for him to do it. They also seem to think the tsunamis in Asia that killed 150,000 people were somehow amusing. Yeah, this is me not laughing you jackasses.
by cmdrmonkey January 07, 2005

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