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16 definitions by cm

A term meaning something is alright
i said that it is o-shay to do that
by cm May 10, 2003
any blatantly obvious steriod user.
the jersey shore is ull of juicebags.
by cm October 20, 2004
A severely disturbed English person.
You crazy ViruZ you!
by CM July 02, 2003
A race of flaming homosexuals
Kevin, you're such a homosexualite
by cm June 01, 2003
an e.p band located in MN. i/m stonedsheep22 to receive a cd....
AIDS is preventable ARAPATHY is lethal.
by cM July 24, 2003
Owned so badly that you have no right to talk back. It is a variation of the word "owned;" a higher level of so-called "ownage."

One gets repeatedly destroyed in Halo, but loves to talk trash. After losing for the 3rd time in a row, this player is disowned by the superior players.
by CM February 18, 2005
1. any latino wanna-be professional salsa dancer who wears gay imported clothes and enjoys watching midget porno
2. ass stormtrooper; or bumjuicer
3. homo who calls himself metrosexual, but in fact enjoys giving dome pizzle to men.
I just skeeted on my boyfriend's bum like wanna-be professional salsa dancer DK
by CM June 11, 2004