16 definitions by cm

A term meaning something is alright
i said that it is o-shay to do that
by cm May 10, 2003
any blatantly obvious steriod user.
the jersey shore is ull of juicebags.
by cm October 20, 2004
an e.p band located in MN. i/m stonedsheep22 to receive a cd....
AIDS is preventable ARAPATHY is lethal.
by cM July 24, 2003
Owned so badly that you have no right to talk back. It is a variation of the word "owned;" a higher level of so-called "ownage."

One gets repeatedly destroyed in Halo, but loves to talk trash. After losing for the 3rd time in a row, this player is disowned by the superior players.
by CM February 18, 2005
1. any latino wanna-be professional salsa dancer who wears gay imported clothes and enjoys watching midget porno
2. ass stormtrooper; or bumjuicer
3. homo who calls himself metrosexual, but in fact enjoys giving dome pizzle to men.
I just skeeted on my boyfriend's bum like wanna-be professional salsa dancer DK
by CM June 11, 2004
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