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For FUCKS sake
get the fucking defination right.

Someone who wears too many clothes, neon colours and have shit loads of braclets and multi coloured bright hair is NOT fucking scenekid.
That is a KandiKid, okay?
And my god, they are stupid.

Someone who listens to dashboard confessional, Atreyu ect ect, wears stripy gloves and bandanas covering their face/ around there necks, and have one lip piercing is not scenekid.
Its fucking EMO. :@

Someone who wears baggy jeans, likes iron maiden and has long, greasy skanky hair with acne and looks like a fucking MINGE is not a scenekid.
Thats a fucking GREEBO.

A scene kid is someone who by looking at them you can't tell if they are a chav or a scenkid. They go to gigs, listen to metal (none of that iron maiden gobshite), have monroe, madonna, bridge, tongue, septum, webbings pierced and tunnels that aren't wimpy little fucktard sizes. 10mm plus k :)
they have country shirts, THOSE boob tubes from Dorothy Perkins, Shop at Topshop and wear skinny jeans religiously. on guys adidas, nike ect shorts are accepted, even prefered sometimes. They have chav shoes and jackets, and any hair colour is fine, unless its ginger. Most styles are long with a side fringe for girls, or any type of medium length cut for a guy.
So get it FUCKING RIGHT losers.
"people these days cannot get labels right can they" - REAL scenkid.

"err look at tht scenekid" - says townie to fellow townie about a KANDIKID.
by cloe<3<3<3 September 23, 2007

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