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The act of massively overcompensating for any and all deficiencies or short-comings in one's life.
Nate: Why are there fake testicles hanging from the back end of that man's small Toyota pick-up?

Josh: Dude, he's totally lakin' it.
by clndstn July 10, 2008
Any suspicious-looking Caucasian with bleach-blonde hair and a faux-hawk. Usually seen traveling alone near or at popular tourist attractions carrying a mysterious and ominous brown-paper bag. This individual will totally give off vibes that he is ready to commit mass-murder and/or general mayhem.
Nate: What's the deal with this guy?
Josh: And what's in that paper bag?
Nate: I don't know, but I think he may be the Euro-bomber.
by clndstn July 10, 2008

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