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Someone who comes to live in this country, contrary to what the ignorant fucker who wrote number 4 said they nearly always work and are not normally even entitled to benefits. They tend to do work no-one else wants to do. The stupid meat-head pissed wankers that hate them are normaly the same people who eat kebabs(which wouldn't exist in this country without immigration) at 2 in the morning. They have introduced lots of foods to our country including curry, which we all love. Almost evryone in the UK will have immigrants in thier bloodline. Normally used as a scapegoat to distract us from the real problems of the world.
wanker:fucking immigrants coming here fucking our country up.
non sun reader:why
wanker:they don't fuckin work
non sun reader:they do
wanker: umm... err .... they steal all our jobs
non sunreader: example
wanker: fuck off or i will smack ya
by clibedij January 17, 2006
A clever man who had the ability to write good ltrics about the problems in his community and be quite poetic and then fucks it up by making songs about how cool it is being a gangster and how he is going to shoot biggie smalls.
Had alot of talent and would use it but would fit into a gangsta image and idolise gang crime in some of his songs but quite blatantly didn't have the same passion in his lyrics as his good stuff. A hypocrite but had a good heart and often meant well.
"it aint about black or white cuz were human, i hope we see the light before its ruined."- good

"You wanna fuck with us
You Little young ass mutha-fuckas"- fuckin crap

Tupac did actually die.
by clibedij January 16, 2006
A powerful, right wing, militant group believing eskimos to be the master race.
Welcome to bbc news. Todays first story, a violent attack on english scientists in greenland occured earlier this morning in which one was killed and two were seriously injured. It is believed that the arctic front was behind the attck.
by clibedij January 18, 2006
Doesn't mean lack of knowledge or stupid, means that you ignore things and in order to ignore things you have to know they are there. Pretty commonplace in most countries, including here in england, not just in america. Probably one of the most dangerous things in existence because it means goverments can get away with anything, like george bush and tony blair.
Your average bnp voter or flag flying american tends to be ignorant.
by clibedij January 16, 2006
A corporate puppet manufactured band who did not even know what anarchy meant and just sung about it because they were told to. Did not start up punk contrary to popular belief. Did however have a big influence on the british music scene which had some excellent bands form. Johnny rotten is fuuny as fuck and although was a member of the corporate machine which he constantly sung against earns my respect because he is funny.
sex pistols suck cock
by clibedij January 16, 2006
Brilliant comedy tv show on the bbc that shows every few years or so that makes fun of spastics and midgets making feeble attempts at doing stuff that proper people do.
q.What is better than winning the paralympics.
a.being able to walk
by clibedij January 17, 2006

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