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Gedday means, "Hello, how are you?", in the friendliest of manners, this is said by many Australians to each other, as well as to strangers.
Literally it means "Good Day", a common Australian informal greeting.

*also Gedday may be spelt in various ways, such as- G day - g'day - gidday and ged day.
Wesley, "Gedday!"
Alvin, "Hey Man Yeh, good, hey!"
Wesley, "Sweet, good to hear."
by cleanmachine December 22, 2010
means your going the bed or going to sleep.
that the back of your blanket is all the t.v your going to see for the rest of the night.
mother: "your going to the blanket show"
child: "i want to stay up mum"
mother: "no, it's time for you to go to bed!"
child: "aaawwwwwww!!!!"
mother: "lights out"
by cleanmachine November 24, 2010
"do you want to get on?", is a term drug dealers ask to know want to buy drugs.

most times if a drug dealer has not seen you i a while or do not know you, they will ask, "can you get on?", first to see where your at and gauge your resonance so that now the cycle of drug addiction may continue)
junkie "man (friend) i haven't seen you in twenty years!"
drug dealer "hey, man, can you get on?"
junkie "i just walked past two dealers a minute ago, before i seen you!"
drug dealer "yeh, so do you want to get on?"
junkie "nah mate!, i'm clean!"
drug dealer "what's your phone number?"
junkie "yeh it's ** **** ****, what can you get?"
drug dealer "anything!"
by cleanmachine November 17, 2010

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