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A state of mind where one lets loose and becomes super funny and kind of weird
Rock on those shrooms are really getting to me next thing you know I'll have clay.
by Clay November 22, 2004
One who does not understand computers, or one who harbors a deep-rooted dislike for computers or the Internet.
From the X-Men term "flatscan", a derogatory term for non-mutants. As the mutants considered themselves the next step in human evolution, "flatscans" were those who would be left behind as the world progressed. A similar fate awaits those who dislike or cannot comprehend computers, and the cyber community adapted the term to mean non-cyber rather than non-mutant.
Flatscans generally need to call tech support for such complicated steps as opening Microsoft Word, and never remember to check their email.
by Clay January 11, 2005
the hottest girl ever who has an amazing sex appeal and ability to make men want her
last night, dottie totally got me hard, just by looking at her, it was amazing..i want her so badly
by Clay June 27, 2004
Someone who doesn't know alot about the guitar, guitar+retarded.
Sorry i can't play lead, i'm guitar'ded
by Clay December 10, 2004
A Southern adjective meaning a large amount of something.
There was a bookoodle of people at the football game today.
by Clay July 09, 2004
A new cracker, similar to Chees-its, that they will be offering at communion in churches. Named after Christ.
Today we celebrated the lord with wine and Jesits.
by Clay August 23, 2003
pep nip is a nipple that looks like a peparoni
damn look at the fuckin bitch's pep nips
by clay August 31, 2004
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