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1 definition by class of '06

96% of the population has consumed a drug in some sort of manner, and 67% come to school high.
faggot bitch wannabes who crowd up the hallway, get drunk in front of chipotle, then barf behind safeway. they get fingered in the movie theatres by hormone infested rapists (baseball boys, who then comment on how tight their pussy was). FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS-put on some damn sweats, or pull your damn skirts off your necks. i dont want to see your skanky cellulite asses "flaunting" down the halls. which, you clog up...fuckin skeets...
the boys are so gay that they result in getting freshman pussy because the sophmore girls are too busy fucking the upper classmen just for a damn 40. they take a shot, they dont fucking know what a shot is, and theyre all over senior cock. half the population of sophmores, are fuckin dykes. WHY . get a fucking room.
they're fucking boring.
most are hardcore partiers, the lame few, thrive on sophmore pussy. why do you have your parties at the fucking WOLFTRAP MOTEL. picking fights for no goddamn reason; "boy: you dont MESS with my girl. otherboy: OH, im sorry your girls a SKEET." what the hell happened to your pride?
madison baseball-
the boys love it anal, and pudge STILL can only stop the hamburgelar. they mark their underclassmen pussy, leaving condoms in the dugout. they train all year for what? nothing. can you say BURIED IN COKE?
i think its safe to say, that the "hard earned cash" is spent in one category. drugs,booze,pussy.
can the fairfax county public school board get the DAMN BROOM OUT OF THEIR ASSES.
no powderpuff? FUCK YOU.

madison high school students-
under classman: im soooo wasted, i had a fullll shot!
senior: ok, blow the breathelizer.
under classman: ok......wherreeee?
senior: in my pants, BITCH.
senior: who invited the spick to the party?
senior2: pshh, she came by herself...
by class of '06 January 27, 2007