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A very potent strain of marijuana that was brought back by an American soldier after the Vietnam War. After it was smuggled back to the United States, the solider (who chooses to remain nameless) cloned and continued to grow it in his basement in South East Michigan for his own personal use to cope with his post traumatic stress disorder. Strangely enough, the strain was nameless for forty years, until the only person to sell it sold it to his friend after a group tutoring session. When asked what it was called, he said “I don’t even know, but this stuff has been around for a while though, this 50yr old war Veteran grows it in his basement”. The friend replied with “You can’t possibly sell something this good and not even name it! If he got it back in Vietnam call it Tropic Thunder!” With its lime green leaves, radiant orange hairs, and silvery crystals, it’s easy to distinguish it from other strains. Its initial smell is that of any dank strain; however its taste has been compared to Arizona Mucho Mango. This strain is believed to be almost completely sativa, due to its reported psychoactive properties. Running at $20 a gram it would appear to be overpriced; yet with its sweet fruity flavor and potency comparable to LSD it’s well worth the price.
Caller: I hear you have some dank called Tropic Thunder. Is it really as good as they say it is?

Ray: Hell yeah I do, and hell yeah it is. This be the shit they smoked back in 'Nam.
by ckboarder September 28, 2009
A sexual act preformed in group sex. This occurs when the male directs multiple women to lay on top of each other so he can proceed to have 'doggie-style' sex with them with minimal transitional effort. The reasoning for including 'Salt Lake City' in the name of the act is mainly because, Salt Lake City, UT has a Mormon population of roughly 60%, thus explaining the polygamy joke.
Alex: Did you ever end out seeing Semen Sippers 5?

Max: Yeah, that guy got Jenna Haze and Lela Star to do the ol' Salt Lake City Stack about twenty minutes in, it was flossy.
by ckboarder May 06, 2009
Marijuana that is both purple in color and extremely potent.
Caller: So is that Tropic Thunder purpnicious?

Ray: It would be if it was purple you dumbass. My OG Kush be purpnicious, if you wanna score some of that just get at me.
by ckboarder September 29, 2009

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