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A person who hates or has an aversion to being around kids or chooses not to have kids or does not offer charitable support to kids groups.
Joe is kidcist who cannot stand to be around kids anywhere at anytime in public like restaurants or the public library having to listen to their crying and screaming or dealing with their unruly behavior while trying to eat or concentrate. They make his nerves twitch as becomes paroxysmal and irritant.

Kidcism is on the rise! Kidcism! Kidcism! Kidcism!
by ck0141 July 29, 2011
Kidcism is the belief that kids are an annoyance and is justified by the way they act in public as in restaurants and public libraries -- screaming and acting unruly. It is also the belief that the marjority of parents allowing their kids to act this way should not have had kids to begin with and that it is too expensive to have kids and our society is too dysnfunctional for raising kids. It's not worth the trouble.
I try to avoid public libraries and restaurants where there are kids. I believe in kidcism and hate kids as they are always screaming and act unruly and have yet to understand why people have kids in today's day and age given the expense and challenges of modern living. Kids annoy me.
by ck0141 July 30, 2011
a male fag, queer or homo
He acts skirvy around me.
by ck0141 May 15, 2008
A no talent asshole
Mike does not do anything for us he is such a bando.
by ck0141 August 04, 2008

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