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Weird events, people, actions, etc. that are often associated with a large groups of people and consumption of even larger amounts of alcamahol.
This random bitch siad she drank "a vagina full of beer" and showed me her tits.
by CJ April 27, 2004
it is a kick ass band wit kick ass mask if ya pussy wanna diss them then u can go suck ur mom
slipknot kicks ass
by CJ February 22, 2004
adj. Arrestingly silly. Mainly pertaining to behavior that may be perceived as the norm in some social situations but out of context. Origins - a 2 1/2 year old child. 2005
Dad caught pinching Mom's butt-Hey Dad, that's too fetchy.
by cj February 13, 2005
Long sideburns that extend outward towards the mouth
Did you see the chops on that guy riding the motorcycle. They were really bushy.
by CJ April 11, 2005
gay sexual practice, a gerbel is dehaired with "NEER" hair remover. then placed in a paper towel tube, and the tube is placed at the opening of one lovers anus, the other lover then blows a hit of crack cocain into the tube. you figure out the rest.
Bruce enjoyed his weekly smoothie from Felix,it made his feel like a little girl again.
by cj December 04, 2004
See also Captain Magenta
"Captain M to the max!"
by CJ September 05, 2004
The call of the heroin cult. Draws said cult near. Use cautiously.
Timian: Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Liam: ARGH! Don't make that sound!
by CJ September 05, 2004

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