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A more fun way to say "half," or "part-way".
Why would you go halfsies with that halloween costume and just wear a hat? You should go all the way and wear the whole outfit.

Want to go halfsies with me and split the cost of dinner?
by cirrus42 January 25, 2012
Acronym standing for "Random Acronyms For The Win." Used after a string of other acronyms, especially if the user seems to be throwing them in randomly.
OMG I am ROTFLMAO at your lulzy jokes. You've got to STFU b4 I bust a nut. Also, RAFTW.
by cirrus42 September 20, 2011
Variant on the word "awesome" and a play on the more popular "ZOMG". Generally used sarcastically to illustrate that something is not actually awesome, in the same way that 1337speak is not actually cool.
ZOMG, this diarrhea is zawesome! I hope I have it all week.
by Cirrus42 June 23, 2011

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