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laughable; inciting outward laughter
Michael Moore proves time and again that money can be made off truly lulzy events.
by Paul562 October 07, 2007
147 32
Something that is worthy of laughter/being laughed at.
That joke was so lulzy.

Her haircut is fucking lulzy.
by JayWalker256 July 19, 2009
43 18
1.(a) Being or have content which includes lulz.

HAHAHA That's lulzy!!
by zzeazz May 10, 2008
51 28
Rarely heard outside of a few people, "lulzies" is a more whimsical way of loling. If audible, one would hear "teehee"
Sarah: "Oh my god I love unicorns! I can haz unic0rnz?!?"
Brooke: "lulzies, you're so funny!"
by BassMZero September 28, 2010
14 6