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5 definitions by chung

oh my buddha
im asian...so i say omb instead of omg
by chung April 05, 2003
358 128
adj. i forehead that is unsually large/long. therefore is surepasses the regualr fore to a five
Ex. Chung has a huge 5 head
by chung April 03, 2005
185 73
Chinesy (adj): not to be confused with chinese, a crude term referring to people with oriental descent who exhibits the following collection of characteristics: stinginess, having zero social life, the extended development of the left cerebrum (i.e., very adapt at mathematics and will most likely involve themselves in a career related to engineering), and in most cases, the ability to play a popular imported Japanese game that requires the player to imitate dancing by stepping on arrows embedded within a platform.
Chung is the Chinesy = Chung, you're such a geek!
by Chung December 09, 2003
11 21
noun. uneven sized breast, lopsided boobs
Steve: I think Stacy has lopes
Chung: Yea, the right one sags
by chung April 03, 2005
16 38
(chung) a very hot & s3xy man who loves all girls who love him meaning no men all girls and he is so pro at counter-strike and richard chen h8 ter
very azn
loves serina
by Chung April 04, 2005
30 57