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Maggot infested, falling to pieces, months old item alluded to by Napoleon Dynomite.
Why don't you go eat a decroted piece of crap?!

His hair looks decroted.

I think you sharted a decroted piece of crap.
by Chuck Bucket February 04, 2005
Pussy after a shower. The best taste on Earth.
I ate this chicks steamed clam the other day. i love pussy right after a shower.
by Chuck Bucket January 28, 2005
Sexual position when a chick sits on your dick, ass facing you, and rocks her butt back and forth, in a cranking motion.
Yeah Lauren, crank dat ass! Crank it up fucker! Gimme da Cockrank
by Chuck Bucket April 08, 2005
The wet ass feeling you get from sitting on vinyl folding chairs. Also known as Slippery Butt Syndrome.
Man now i've got a wet spot on my jeans from severe vinyl ass!
by Chuck Bucket February 17, 2005
The result of a stripper with huge tits giving a guy a boxing style haymaker to the face.
I was getting a lap dance the other night when the stripper asks me if i know of a boxer named Holyfield. i said yes and then out of nowhere i get a shot to the face with one of her HUGE tits! now i've got a case of the Boobeye
by Chuck Bucket February 18, 2005
What you call it when you write on something with your cock after you bone some chick on her period.
after i did lauren last night i marked her up with some cock chalk.
by Chuck Bucket February 18, 2005
A slang term for the tip of a turd popping out your ass and "writing" on your underpants or panties.
i was prairie dogging earlier and now i've got streaks from the poo crayon.
by Chuck Bucket February 17, 2005

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