19 definitions by chuck bucket

What you call it when you write on something with your cock after you bone some chick on her period.
after i did lauren last night i marked her up with some cock chalk.
by Chuck Bucket February 18, 2005
When you're doing a chick in the ass and she gets diarrhea and it squirts out all over the place. Kind of like when you stick your thumb in the end of a hose nozzle and the water shoots out forcefully.
Rich: "So how was fuckin Lauren last night? I could hear it going down in the living room."

Adam: "Well it was good till I stuck it in her ass. Then i got the old Thumb in the Hose Nozzle action and spent the rest of the night cleaning up your leather couches."
by Chuck Bucket May 10, 2005
A condition which occurs as a result of getting one's teeth caught in the zipper of a blow job recipient's pants.
Have you seen Lauren's teeth? She said her goat kicked her in the mouth but I think it's a major case of the zip tooth.
by Chuck Bucket February 08, 2005
Literally a hole in the nipple from piercing.
a nickname for chicks named Nicole.
I was sucking on this chicks nipple at White Hen the other day and noticed she had a niphole.
by Chuck Bucket February 08, 2005
A man so flaming gay that he is literally on fire.
Michael!! Your hair is on fire!
by Chuck Bucket February 04, 2005
What you call a pussy that is dry and furry.
Dude, I went down on Lauren last night and I got cotton balled!
by Chuck Bucket April 14, 2005
A guy that goes to clubs, gets on the dance floor, and purposely bumps into chicks hoping that the chick will start grinding with him.
That fuckin bump monkey out there just tried to grind on my girl. Lets beat his ass!
by Chuck Bucket February 07, 2005

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