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the gayest dude at the party; a person you have to stay away from
Homie One: "Man I'm so glad we bounced!"
Homie Two: "Yeah bro I knew we had to leave once we saw an assdrew!"
by chrispyssc March 01, 2010
the dopest dope; one of the tightest people that can enter a party and all the girls want him
Homie One: "Damn did you see that fool at the party?"
Homie Two: "Yeah fool he was pulling all the bitches like a sergayo!"
by chrispyssc March 05, 2010
the tightest shit, literally she is the best person that ever lived!!!!! period.
Dude One: "dude were you at that party?!"
Dude Two: "Yeah man that was ridiculiz!"
by chrispyssc February 28, 2010
the quality of being overly sensitive when drunk
Homie 1: Dude can we just go to the party?
Homie 2: I can't man my girlfriend is bitching at me.
Homie 1: Damn why is she being so dramatunk!?
by chrispyssc April 17, 2010
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