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when somebody delivers a very monotone, emotionless statement when clearly there could have been a more effective way of delivery.

this definition pays homage to the queen of the one toned delivery Andie Macdowell who has been labelled by some as the "acting equivalent to BOTOX".
My friend told a joke in the most boring, mundane ANDIE MACDOWELL kind of way.
by chrislamma November 24, 2008
a rather un-hygenic man pussy. un-worshed and smelly.

derived from "dirty-cunty-pussy"
Girl, you really need to worsh that doity-munty-mussy. I could smell it from the other room.
by chrislamma July 02, 2010
When someone takes a traditional muslim garment and wears it in a modern non-traditionalist manner.
A hijab scarf.

That guy is such a muslimista with his hijab, skinny jeans and converses.
by chrislamma February 07, 2010
A douche-cock-bastard is someone who ignorantly does things to you that really pisses the shit out of you.
That douche-cock-bastard drank the last beer without even asking....I was saving that for breakfast!
by chrislamma November 23, 2008
When you feel pretty crappy, shitty or hungover. The opposite of feeling like a million bucks.
Man! After drinking until six in the morning, I was sure feeling like a buck fifty at work today!
by chrislamma February 07, 2010

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