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2 definitions by chris71693

n. an unofficial holiday celebebrated on June 28th in honor of the death of legendary salesman and TV icon Billy Mays. It is customary to wear a blue shirt on this day in memory of Billy, due to his trademark blue shirt that he wore in nearly all his infomercials.
I need to find a blue shirt to wear. Tomorrow is Billy Mays Day.
by chris71693 July 08, 2009
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n. someone who is weak and/or lacking courage. A corruption of the word "soft". Can be used in exchange with the word "softy" or "marshmallow". note: the word must be spelled S-A-W-F all caps. Otherwise, it no longer has a meaning.
Did you hear that guy backed out on that fight? Shit, he's so SAWF.
by chris71693 July 14, 2009
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