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A group of the finest human being you will ever meet, always courteous, but we love to fight in bars.
im proud to have the flag of canada waving in front of my house in california. my neighbors dont.
by chris wilson (canadian) January 01, 2006
a term used to describe such bands that have one hit and then fade into obscurity, or bands that are never going to be popular because they are just above garage bands on the food chain but their fans are fiercely proud. bands like showbred, autopilot off, and the backstreet boys.
becky92: omg i love dashboard confessional they are teh R0xorz! i <3 them.
andrea5978:ugh i hate them why are you always into fad bands?
Becky92:you are such a bitch! always putting me down!
andrea5978:oh go cry your big emo tears.
by chris wilson (canadian) January 01, 2006
Nowadays a word that is supposed to be insulting. the origin of this word is not insulting at all but is supposed to refer to a person that has gone to preperatory college.
"aw dawg she is such a bitch ass prep"
by chris wilson (canadian) January 01, 2006
a stupid word that is used to describe the act of chilling out and relaxing at the same time, often used by morons who claim that is "their word" and that they, "came up with it"
"Dude i should kick your ass, Chillax is my word"
by chris wilson (canadian) January 01, 2006
an obscure name for a sort of creed, mostly a hippie kind of thing, "walk barefoot through the grass of time not knowing the sharp things that lie"

"i used to have a poster of the benicerata creed but i ruined it when i tried to decoupage it onto a piece of driftwood".
by chris wilson (canadian) January 01, 2006
1) a complex southern plantation dance that usually involves complicated clapping and thigh slapping.
2) dancing of any sort.

1)"Boy that durn juba last night was oen hell of a shindig".
2) "Talkin to me Juba to jive!"(she asked me to dance) quoted in 9 lives by aerosmith
by chris wilson (canadian) January 01, 2006
A retarded cousin of the word asian, peopel who use this word are generally half white and half asian and know about 3 words in their native language. they claim to being "azn till i die"
or say things like "AzN PrIdE DiS Is TRuE AzN". even though they have never even been to asia. this word is mostly encountered on the internet or on license plates in california.
AznBaby69foevah:DiS Is TRuE AzN!
jubajivin:go tell someone who cares you half breed hamburger.
by chris wilson (canadian) January 01, 2006

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