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A mystery of the evolutionary chain. A being that is in no way sane while at the same time lives a marvelous life knowing he is not entirely there in the head.

InsanityLivz:Living With Insanity which he defines as The process designating a being to be able to recognize the difference between sanity, insanity, and psychosis. The difference between Insane and psychotic is that people who are Insane know that they are such and can live with it. Phychotic and Sociopathic persons do not realize that they are ill.
Inside a diseased mind InsanityLivz forever.
by Chr1s January 03, 2006
super leet cs player
damn creepz u hack on lan
by chr1s July 26, 2003
a leet cs player
damn creepz is hax on lan
by chr1s July 26, 2003
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