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to scoop (verb)
1.to catch something as in to see or understand.

2.to catch something as in to get it or literally catch it.
1.Yo Mike, scoop out the ass on da b****.
teacher:e=mc2 + v - c * g / h - d - l + 12 / 2 + 1305738 - l
john: yo jeff did u scoop that?
jeff: nah i dont think so.

2.o man i almost scooped the football for the touchdown on
that last throw.
(at the carnival using those machines with the claw to get
stuffed animals and candy, etc.)
come on Bill you gotta scoop up that stuffed monkey,
you've already wasted 10 dollars trying to get it for your
girlfriend. You better get layed for that.
by Chop88 October 21, 2005
everything is fine or good as in there is no problem.
-yo, how was the trip
-it was moses

-you have everything set up?
-yes, yes everything is moses.
by chop88 June 18, 2005

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