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The license plate taken by Dr Tobias Funke representing his search for 'A NEW(NU) START'. This also gets him registered as a sex offender.
Lindsey: I am going to have a new start.
Tobias: Too bad, I already have an ANUSTART license plate!
#david cross #analrapist #arrested development #sex offender #bluth
by chooseyo June 19, 2013
Abnormally masochistic gay man who asks all the girls out and gets rejected. Also known for walking in the rain to hide his gay tears.
Guy 1: Hey look that dude over there is so gay, but he is trying to ask this girl our! Weird!
Guy 2: Yeah, I know. Such a bhandu!
#gay #tears #stupid #homosexual #irritating
by chooseyo August 12, 2014
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